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Public Comment on QIBA Profiles and Protocols

All QIBA technical documents (Profiles, Protocols) are posted for Public Comment to ensure stakeholder representation, transparency and quality review. All documents are posted via the QIBA WIKI and announced to a broad e-mail distribution list. QIBA documents are posted for public review for a minimum of 30 days before being considered finalized for trial implementation.

The Public Comment Phase of the development of each QIBA Profile/Protocol allows interested people to provide input on the document, the scenarios and use cases they address, the technologies proposed and other details. In particular, vendors who will implement the Profiles/Protocols and members of the healthcare community who will use the Profiles/Protocols are encouraged to review and comment.

  • Review the documents listed in the Public Comment WIKI page
  • Note the deadline listed next to each document
  • Submit your comments via the public comment form or direct e-mail to (Susan Weinmann)

The QIBA Biomarker Committees who develop QIBA Profiles and Protocols will consider all comments submitted in the specified public comment period, and where appropriate, respond to comments. Please see below for more detailed instructions for submitting comments.

Directions for Comment Submission

Use the public comment form to submit comments concerning QIBA Profiles/Protocols to the QIBA Biomarker Committees. Documents currently in the Public Comment phase are listed below. Submitted comments will be considered for the revised versions of these documents.

  • If you have general comments about the Profile/Protocol concept, structure, process, etc., please e-mail those directly to (Susan Weinmann)


1. Visit the public comment form

2. Select and download Profiles or Protocols for review (see link below).

  • Profile:
  • Protocol:

3. Designate Section or Line Number for each comment (or designate as "general").

4. Specify the Issue concisely and provide any new or replacement text in the Proposal section.

5. Designate the Priority of each comment as High (H), Medium (M), or Low (L)

  • H: Important issue where there is a major issue to be resolved; requires discussion and debate.
  • M: Medium issue or clarification. Requires discussion, but should not lead to long debate.
  • L: Typo or other minor classification that an editor can manage; requires no group discussion.

6. Comments are due by date listed next to each document.

QIBA Profiles and Protocols for Reference