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Challenges that Characterize Variability due to Algorithm Use

Invitation to participate in the QIBA 3A CT Volumetry Study of CLINICAL data

Timeline (Revised):

  • 6/03/2013 - Deadline for potential participants to submit their completed, signed, PDF participant agreements to RSNA
  • 8/19/2013 - Deadline for participants to upload data to QI-Bench and provide workflow and algorithm details to study organizers
  • 8/20/2013 - Data analysis officially begins
  • 1/08/2014 - Data analysis in progress

Study Design Documents

3A study design - for proposed clinical challenge

3A study design 1.0.doc

Archived Versions of QIBA Vol CT - Group 3A draft documents

Reference Materials

2015 Call Summaries

2014 Call Summaries

2013 Call Summaries

2012 Call Summaries

Archived: 2012 CT Volumetry - Group 3A Call Summaries

2011 Call Summaries

Archived: 2011 CT Volumetry - Group 3A Call Summaries

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