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UPICT publishes protocols in a standardized UPICT template.

A standard template has the advantages that:

  • protocols can be compared more easily
  • users know where to look for certain details
  • implementers can find the material appropriate to them
  • it is clear to protocol authors what topics/details should be addressed in a UPICT protocol
  • it is clear when a topic/detail has not been addressed

Tips for Extracting Protocols into the UPICT Template

Mark-up a copy of your original document as you do the extraction.

  • When you copy a chunk of text from your original, highlight it
  • When you are "finished" extraction, you can check the un-highlighted text to see if you have missed migrating anything important

Consider extracting several related protocols in parallel.

  • Take a single UPICT Template document and simultaneously extract several similar protocols into it putting material from different source protocols in different colors
  • Then compare each of the different source paragraphs and use that to draft a consensus paragraph
  • Once the text is stable, create copies of the document, each with just one of the source protocols
  • The result is a UPICT document for each protocol and a UPICT document for the consensus protocol
  • This approach allows you to batch process, to easily see the areas of agreement and divergence, and focuses consensus discussion on one issue at a time


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