Draft Proffered Protocols

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Draft Proffered Protocols

Draft Proffered Protocols are in-progress documents that will lead to new Proffered Protocols once the Normalization Process is complete.

The following documents are works in progress. Your input and feedback is invited. However, we do not recommend the use of these in-progress protocols in clinical trials or other applications.

CT Protocols

  • CT Reference Material
  • CT Archive

MR Protocols

  • MR Reference Material

PET Protocols

A. Oncologic FDG-PET Protocol

  • FDG-PET Multiextract
 UPICT FDG multiextract.doc posted post-call 06.02.10
  • FDG-PET Consolidated Consensus
 FDG-PET/CT: UPICT_FDG_Consolidated Statement, post call 08.10.2011  posted 8.10.2011

B. Alzheimer's Disease PET

  • Alzheimer's Disease PET Proffered Protocols
  • Alzheimer's Disease PET Reference Material

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