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Draft Charge

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System Methodology Documents

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Reference Documents

PowerPoint presentations discussed during 5/17/2013 group call:

Literature Database

Literature for this the QIBA SWS Technical Committee has been compiled using Mendeley [1], and is called 'QIBA SWS'. This is a public group that anyone can join. If you would like a specific invitation to join, please email Dr. Palmeri. EndNote and BibTeX citation files from the database are included below, and can be directly exported from Mendeley.

  • QIBA_SWS_BibTeX.bib [2] (Updated: 2012-07-27)
  • QIBA_SWS_EnNote.xml [3] (Updated: 2012-07-27)

If you utilize this literature database for your work then please reference it as the "Shear Wave Speed Measurement Publications Database of the System Dependencies and Clinical Applications Task Forces of the SWS Biomarker Committee of the Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance (".