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Chairs: Anne M. Smith, PhD; Majid Chalian, MD

Communications Committee Mission Statement

QIBA Communications will educate and publicize the impact of image quantification on therapeutic clinical trials and on patient diagnosis, staging and follow-up.

  • Oversee educational component


The Communications Committee supports QIBA Biomarker Committees by providing visibility to QIBA efforts.

QIBA Community

A QIBA Community has been set up via the Higher Logic platform on RSNA web pages to encourage continuing dialogue among QIBA members and across modalities. Instructions are available here:

Meetings/Call Summaries

Monthly Tcons (Contact Julie for details)

Approved call summaries:

QIBA Communications Committee Call Summaries Archive

Working Documents

Current Work

QIBA Videos are now posted to RSNA's YouTube Channel! These videos have been created by our QIBA volunteers. Learn more about RSNA’s Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance® (QIBA), which unites researchers, health care professionals and industry to advance quantitative imaging and the use of imaging biomarkers in clinical trials and clinical practice.

Please note: All QIBA promotional materials need to be reviewed and approved by QIBA Leadership or the QIBA Communications Committee.