QIBA for Statisticians

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QIBA Mission: Improve the value and practicality of quantitative imaging biomarkers by reducing variability across devices, sites, patients, and time.

QIBA develops Profile documents that standardize methods for creating a specific biomarker with predictable performance (accuracy and reproducibility).

Statisticians benefit from QIBA by:

  • understanding the role of technical performance characteristics (repeatability, reproducibility, bias, linearity) in the study design and analysis of clinical trials with quantitative imaging biomarkers (QIBs)
  • understanding the role of technical performance characteristics in quantifying change in individual patients
  • (being provided with good estimates of the technical performance of QIBs obtained using a given QIBA Profile)

Statisticians participate in QIBA Profiles by:

  • supporting testing of actors’ conformance with requirements in a given QIBA Profile

Statisticians may also:

  • optimize study design in clinical trials with QIBs
  • determine sample size calculations for clinical trials using QIBs
  • provide unbiased estimates of treatment effects when QIBs are endpoints