QIBA for Imaging Vendors

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QIBA Mission: Improve the value and practicality of quantitative imaging biomarkers by reducing variability across devices, sites, patients, and time.

QIBA develops Profile documents that standardize methods for creating a specific biomarker with predictable performance (accuracy and reproducibility).

Vendors of imaging devices benefit from QIBA Profiles by:

  • appealing to their customers with products that meet QIBA requirements and produce repeatable, comparable measurements

Imaging Device Vendors participate in QIBA Profiles by:

  • implementing features and meeting performance requirements assigned to the Acquisition Modality (and sometimes Reconstruction Software) in a given QIBA Profile
  • assessing their conformance as described in the QIBA Profile checklist
  • publishing a formal QIBA Conformance Statement documenting their product conformance to a given QIBA profile
  • communicating conformance to customers by providing the QIBA Conformance Statement

Imaging Device Vendors may also:

  • support the activity of customers working to assess their own conformance to the QIBA profile

(A bit of graphics/color would be nice - check with RSNA about pictures of modality, radiologist, technologist, etc.)