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Comments received during Public Comment, Technical Confirmation, or during a Profile ballot, are reviewed by the originating Biomarker Committee.

Per the QIBA Process, committees record how each collected comment was resolved and those resolutions are posted here.

Document Feedback Type Feedback Closed Resolutions
CT Profiles
CT Tumor Volumetry for Advanced Disease 2016-11-21b Technical Confirmation 2017.02 Technical Confirmation Results and Resolutions
CT Small Lung Nodule Screening 2016-06-01 Public Comment 2016.09 TBA
MR Profiles
MR DWI 2019-02-05 Public Comment 2019.04.05 TBA
fMRI 2017-06-19 Public Comment 2017.12.31 TBA
MR DWI 2017-04-27 Public Comment 2017.08.25 TBA