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==Round 1 of QIBA Funded Projects==
==Round 1 of QIBA Funded Projects==
*[[Medical College of Wisconsin]]
*[[Duke Brain Imaging and Analysis Center]]

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  • Protocol template by UPICT (Uniform Protocols in Clinical Trials) - UPICT Template

fMRI Poster for RSNA 2010

PubMed Search Strategy

Search topic: fMRI in Presurgical Brain Mapping

"Brain Mapping"[Mesh] AND "Magnetic Resonance Imaging"[Mesh] AND (functional[All Fields] OR "fmri"[All Fields]) AND (presurgical[All Fields] OR "Preoperative Care"[Mesh] OR "Surgery, Computer-Assisted"[Mesh]) AND ("humans"[MeSH Terms] AND English[lang])

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Round 1 of QIBA Funded Projects