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===Advanced Disease/Tumor Volume Change Profile===
===Advanced Disease/Tumor Volume Change Profile===
Status - Now Resolving Public Comment   
Status - Now Resolving Public Comment   
*[[Media:QIBA_CVol_TumorVolumeChangeProfile2016.04.11.docx | QIBA Profile: CT Tumor Volume Change Profile v.2.4]] ''11April2016''
*[[Media:QIBA_CVol_TumorVolumeChangeProfile2016.03.07.docx | QIBA Profile: CT Tumor Volume Change Profile v.2.4]] ''07March2016''
*[[Media:QIBA_CVol_TumorVolumeChangeProfile2016.03.07.docx | QIBA Profile: CT Tumor Volume Change Profile v.2.4]] ''07March2016''

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Project Snapshot

See the Datasets page of the QIBA Resource Catalog

Meetings / Call Summaries

Profile Development

Advanced Disease/Tumor Volume Change Profile

Status - Now Resolving Public Comment

Archived Versions of QIBA draft CT Volumetry Profile-related documents.

Lung Nodule Assessment in CT Screening

Status - Initial Profile Development

Groundwork Projects

These projects investigate (and resolve) scientific questions underlying QIBA Profile work.

  • VolCT - Group 1A - Analyze Bias/Variance where Ground Truth is Known Deterministically
  • VolCT - Group 1B - Focus on Volume Change Analysis of Pulmonary Nodules in Diagnostic Settings
  • VolCT - Group 1C - Model Sources of Variability from a Systems Engineering Analysis
  • VolCT - Group 3A - Characterize variability due to algorithms (using phantoms / clinical data)
  • VolCT - Group 3B - Characterize clinical utility/efficacy with respect to clinical endpoints
  • VolCT - Colorado Group - Quantifying variability in measurement of pulmonary nodule

Working Documents

Reference Materials




Reference Articles

  • Are we ready? A time for measurement of physiological parameters of the lung using multidetector row CT scans. Hatabu H. Acad Radiol. 2009 Mar; 16(3):249. Academic Radiology
  • Radiology 2007 - Coronary Calcium Scoring - This paper by Dr. McCollough et al is may be seen to be analaogous to our work in that it addresses similar issues (e.g. achieving "standard" noise levels). It could be thought of as an early draft of a Calcium Scoring profile, including both groundwork and equipment specifications.
  • Helical multidetector row quantitative computed tomography (QCT) precision. Bligh M, Bidaut L, White RA, Murphy WA Jr, Stevens DM, Cody DD. Acad Radiol. 2009 Feb; 16(2):150-9. Academic Radiology
  • Comparison of the accuracy of CT volume calculated by circumscription to prolate ellipsoid volume (bidimensional measurement multiplied by coronal long axis). Rkein AM, Harrigal C, Friedman AC, Persky D, Krupinski E. Acad Radiol. 2009 Feb; 16(2):181-6. Academic Radiology

Round 1 of QIBA Funded Projects

Round 2 of QIBA Funded Projects