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Is there a need for a list of the released version of the Profiles?

  • How would this differ from what is on the Profiles page?

Include a pop-up/reminder of a "newer" version of a Profile

How can we denote major vs minor revisions?

v1->v2 implies substantial change, perhaps v1.0 (public comment), v1.1 (consensus), v1.2 (tech. confirmation), etc.

  • So replace the concept of stages with minor revisions? Or just replicate the information in the version number?

Different claims for different disease sites, or measurement scenarios, e.g., different scanners, different readers, etc. (see CTVol)

  • Isn't this different profiles or claims rather than versions?

TODO - might help to make a list of "things people want to know about a profile" and "cross-index" that with how we label the profile.

  • E.g. what are we trying to communicate with a "version", what are we trying to communicate with a Profile Title, what are we trying to communicate with a Stage.
  • Then we can see if there are gaps in the "labelling"
  • The Profile Editions page starts to describe on this but is admittedly incomplete.