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QIBA FDG-PET/CT Quality Control Metrics Technical Subcommittee Charge

The objectives of this subcommittee are to:

  • Bridge the gap between PET/CT scanner acceptance/qualification/certification and routine (daily) quality control
  • Summarize methods and parameters for evaluating daily PET and CT QC on each vendor’s PET/CT scanner

The long-term goal is to:

  • Establish common standards for recording and distributing QC parameters for individual patient scans (e.g. extended DICOM tags)

Subcommittee Members

  • Jeffrey Yap, PhD, Subcommittee Chair <Jeffrey_Yap@dfci.harvard.edu>
  • Michael E. Casey, PhD <michael.e.casey@siemens.com>
  • Paul E. Christian <paul.christian@hsc.utah.edu>
  • Paul Kinahan, PhD <kinahan@u.washington.edu>
  • Matthew P. Miller, PhD <matthew.miller@ge.com>
  • Ling Shao, PhD <ling.shao@philips.com>

Working Documents

Subcommittee Call Summaries