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QIBA Mission: Improve the value and practicality of quantitative imaging biomarkers by reducing variability across devices, sites, patients, and time.

QIBA develops Profile documents that standardize methods for creating a specific biomarker with predictable performance (accuracy and reproducibility).

Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers (QIBs) are physical quantities that imaging modalities can measure (e.g. tumor volumes, relaxation times, and standard uptake values). They facilitate response assessment, diagnosis & treatment decisions, and performance assessment.

Technologists benefit from QIBA by:

  • having standardized protocols and QA procedures
  • contributing to imaging research
  • enabling extraction of reproducible, quantitative data and metrics
  • aligning acquisitions across sites to facilitate cross-comparison and performance assessment

Technologists participate in QIBA Profiles by:

  • performing tasks and achieving performance targets assigned to the Technologist or Scanner Operator actors in a given QIBA Profile
  • assessing their conformance as described in the QIBA Profile checklist
  • documenting their conformance in a formal QIBA Conformance Statement

Technologists may also:

  • communicate conformance to patients, doctors, and collaborators
  • support conformance activities of other actors at their site
  • provide practical guidance to researchers from a technologist’s perspective
  • network with peers to discover and share useful approaches in advanced imaging