Publication Process

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When a profile has been reviewed and approved for publication

  • Authors
    • inform RSNA Staff that a profile is ready for publication
    • provide RSNA Staff with the Word document of the profile
    • provide RSNA Staff with the Support Document (Excel, Google Sheet, etc)
      • there is no support document required to publish for the Public Comment Stage

  • RSNA Staff
    • checks the minutes of the Biomarker and Coordinating Committees to confirm the approval results
    • generates a PDF of the Profile document provided by the authors
    • uploads the PDF document to the Wiki (Tip: Upload file)
    • adds a link to the Profiles page in the appropriate stage (Tip: copy an existing link to get the format)
    • removes the old link for this profile in the prior stage
    • may mirror published Profiles on to increase availability
    • links to the Support Document from the corresponding row in the Comment Resolutions page

  • Authors may also want to publicize the profile by:
    • drafting an executive summary paper for submission to a relevant journal
    • submitting a letter to the editor of a relevant journal
    • notifying trade news such as Aunt Minnie
    • posting to mailing lists of relevant professional societies or interest groups