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QIBA Committees (and their members) need to be aware of relevant Processes.

The Process Coordinating Committee develops and maintains such processes. Members of the Process Committee also help educate and answer questions.

Coordinating Committees play a central role here since they directly oversee the activity of the Biomarker Committees and convene members of those BCs.

  • Coordinating Committees regularly allocate a 5-10 minute agenda slot for the Process Cmte to present recent updates or important reminders.
  • Biomarker Committee cochairs are expected to take these Process topics back to their BC
  • (To avoid taking over the CC agenda, stick to the slot. Explain Process is working on this, request people think, contribute

Biomarker Committees are where the bulk of Profile development is done

  • All Biomarker Committee co-chairs and Profile editors have a standing invitation to join the Process Committee
  • They can highlight challenges they have been facing which may have Process answers or may trigger Process improvements
  • They can participate in developing Process components
  • Biomarker Committees are welcome to invite Process Committee members to present on any topics of interest.

Potential Future CC Update Topics

  • Remind BCs to keep their BC Wiki page up to date
  • Put a "recent" working draft of profiles at least quarterly on the BC Cmte Page. (i.e. don't leave them on TF pages)
  • Recommend internal reviews of sections by dedicated Cmte Members before release (see Review Process Page)
  • Recommend "quality check" at the end of comment resolution (has each been duly resolved)
  • Remind how to make/use a Profile checklist - avoid heterogeneity, its a re-sort, not different content, not a superset, not a subset