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QIBA FDG-PET/CT Covariates Rationale Technical Subcommittee Charge

The objective of this subcommittee is to identify clinically significant covariates such as patient compliance parameters, scan conditions, and intrinsic system operating parameters. Create standardized forms to capture all covariates

  • Patient Compliance Parameters
  • Scan Conditions
  • Intrinsic System Operating Parameters

Construct policy guidelines for manufacturers to set requirement on recording and normalizing these covariates. Distribute the forms to PET centers for recording. Educate the sites on importance of these covariates. These covariates may be used to find if there is a relationship between any parameter with the study results.

Subcommittee Members

  • Jeffrey T. Yap, PhD, Subcommittee Chair <>
  • Paul E. Kinahan, PhD <>
  • Matthew P. Miller, PhD <>

Working Documents

Subcommittee Call Summaries