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Some decisions within QIBA are made by balloting (usually email). This can allow more deliberation on the subject material than a vote in committee. The balloting process is managed by RSNA Staff.

Ballots are emailed out to all members with Voting Privileges on the committee making the decision. RSNA Staff maintains rosters for each committee indicating which members currently have voting privileges. RSNA Staff may also mail "active" members (e.g. they attended any of the last 3 or 4 meetings) even if they are not recorded as having voting privileges so that those who believe their attendance record is in error can still go ahead and vote, then based on review of their attendance their ballot can be counted or discarded.

A Ballot counts as a meeting on the day the ballot opens for the purposes of attaining, using or losing Voting Privileges.

The length of the ballot period may be specified by the particular procedure that calls for a ballot. The period is generally not less than 14 days to allow for members who are away on vacation. If reviewing lengthy documents or collecting feedback within the members organization is involved 30 days is better.

The chair ratifies the resulting tally in the next meeting of the committee making the decision (included in the minutes). This should generally include the details of each ballot submitted. Balloting also needs to meet quorum (ballots received from at least half of the members with voting privileges).

Members attending the meeting who have Voting Privileges count towards quorum and may vote.

Negative votes and large numbers of abstentions are generally resolved by a Consensus Process.