2022-02-01 Process Committee Agenda

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Meeting Info

Join Zoom Meeting: https://rsna-org.zoom.us/j/81919397380?pwd=SGd3aHhocXJ4UzczNDVsTkdobXFodz09

Meeting ID: 819 1939 7380 | Passcode: Process

Process Coordinating Committee page


Update Current Priority List [20-25 min]

  • Homework: Kevin to resection page

Streamlined_Profile_Template [15 min]

  • MR Status update
  • Key: Kathy, Mike, Invited MR person

Estimates_of_Precision [10 min]

  • Plans for Wrapping-up
  • Key: Nancy

Next Meeting Agenda & New Business [10 min]

  • Multi-parameter Biomarkers (Tim)
  • Different paradigm than "single biomarker" committees?
  • Speaker at the spring meeting - hepatologist with risk predictor based on serum assay and MR
  • Narrower group of stakeholders? Statistics are more complex (per Nancy & Co)
  • Harder to evaluate under our current selection process?
  • Affects selection process, but also the timing/flavor of BC sunset might change, methods of conformance might differ,
  • Maybe set up a joint meeting between Process & Multi-parameter Cmte to clarify gaps/issues/topics
  • Check with Nancy when this would be good to do. (They're currently wrapping up their set of papers)