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Current Goals & Status:

  • Question: What is measurement variation for different software/user methods for a reference set of image data?
    • Intra-rater reliability, i.e., test-retest precision for pre-specified tumors (a.k.a. "marked up") by single image analysis operators
    • Ground Truth: Pooled from all image analyses meeting quality criteria to estimate confidence intervals around "true" volume.
    • Approach: Patient Change Data from RIDER Database:
      • > 300 cases as of Sept 2008
      • Most with multiple time points
      • Few with thin slice (<1.5 mm thick) image data
      • No contours provided (user has to provide their own as part of measurement)
      • no outcome data
      • Publicly Available on NCIA
  • Related Profile: Lung Vol Quantification - Measurement Activity

  • Conference Paper on Reproducibility and Accuracy of Uni- and Bi-Dimensional Tumor Measurements from MRI and CT Volumes, which looks at RECIST, WHO and Volume measurements.