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'''Approved call summaries:'''
'''Approved call summaries:'''
*[[Media:02 02 2018 QIBA US SWS BC Call Summary-FINAL-2.pdf|02.02.2018 QIBA US SWS Biomarker Ctte Call Summary]]
*[[Media:02 02 2018 QIBA US SWS BC Call Summary-FINAL-2.pdf|February 2, 2018]]
*[[Media:01 05 2018 QIBA US SWS BC Call Summary-FINAL-BSG2.pdf|01.05.2018 QIBA US SWS Biomarker Ctte Call Summary]]
*[[Media:01 05 2018 QIBA US SWS BC Call Summary-FINAL-BSG2.pdf|January 5, 2018]]
*[[Media:10 06 2017 QIBA US SWS BC Call Summary-FINAL-BSG2.pdf|10.06.2017 QIBA US SWS Biomarker Ctte Call Summary]]
*[[Media:10 06 2017 QIBA US SWS BC Call Summary-FINAL-BSG2.pdf|October 6, 2017]]
*[[Media:09 15 2017 QIBA US SWS BC Call Summary-FINAL.pdf|09.15.2017 QIBA US SWS Biomarker Ctte Call Summary]]
*[[Media:08 04 2017 QIBA US SWS BC Call Summary-FINAL-TJH2.pdf|08.04.2017 QIBA US SWS Biomarker Ctte Call Summary]]
'''''[[US SWS Call Summaries Archive]]'''''
'''''[[US SWS Call Summaries Archive]]'''''

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Co-chairs: Brian Garra, MD; Tim J. Hall, PhD; Andrzej (Andy) Milkowski, MS
Secretary: Julie Lisiecki

Project Snapshot - Shear Wave Speed (SWS)

An Ultrasound Quantitative Biomarker Planning Meeting was held on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at the 2012 American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) Annual Convention, in Phoenix, AZ. The purpose of this meeting was to plan an effort by the biomedical ultrasound community to create and support implementation of a QIBA Profile for a quantitative biomarker in ultrasound imaging. Shear Wave Speed was selected as the qualifying biomarker at this meeting and planning efforts continue.

Profile Development

Status - Cleaning up Profile to approve/publish for Public Comment in early 2017

SWS Task Forces

Recent US-SWS Meetings

Approved call summaries:

US SWS Call Summaries Archive

Ultrasound Conferences


Literature for this the QIBA SWS Biomarker Committee has been compiled using Mendeley, and is called 'QIBA SWS'. This is a public group that anyone can join. If you would like a specific invitation to join, please email Dr. Palmeri.

  • Web browsers recommended: Firefox or Google Chrome

US Phantoms

  • Exploratory QIBA Elastic and Viscoelastic homogeneous SWS calibration liver phantoms, CIRS model 039 and prototype.
  • Exploratory Volume Flow Doppler Phantom with nonparabolic flow - Sun Nuclear prototype.
  • Research flow phantom for contrast ultrasound testing, M. Averkiou, Univ. of Wash.

Phantom Simulation Data -> http://www.rsna.org/qidw/ https://github.com/RSNA-QIBA-US-SWS/QIBA-DigitalPhantoms

QIBA Finite Element Tool Repository Online & Elastic / Viscoelastic Simulation Data - [1]

Reference Materials

Article citations:

  • Sebastiani G, Alberti A. How far is noninvasive assessment of liver fibrosis from replacing liver biopsy in Hepatitis C? Journal of Viral Hepatitis,2012, 19 (Suppl. 1), 18–32. PubMed citation

Funded-Project Reports:

Presentations and Reports: