Tools and recommendation for structured literature review

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Tools and recommendations for structured literature review

On this page, we'd like to discuss ways to do an effective and successful literature review. I have some ideas what a literature review/search should consist of.

Literature search

Requirements for a literature review:

  • reproducibility: search term should clearly be defined, the search period and time/data should be noted.
  • coverage: the search should include as many publications on the topic as possible.
  • a defined and complete sorting system (i.e. a list of categories which covers all publications and is unequivocal)

Some Literature

Ten simple rules for writing a literature review

Systematic literature reviews

How to conduct a literature search in PubMed

A small python tool

A tool to convert bibtex libraries into an excel file containing all relevant information. Note: this is work in progress. To download, right click and select "save to" in your browser. Change extension to .py. You'll need to change the file names in order of the script to work and you would need to download the libraries in the import section. Media:Convert_bib_tex_to_xls.xml‎