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Prior to publishing a Public Comment Profile, a Consensus Profile, a Technically Confirmed Profile, Claim Confirmed Profile or a Clinically Confirmed Profile:
* The review and approval process is the same
* '''[[QIBA Profile Stages|The criteria change depending on the stage]]'''
Remember, this is the QA point.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  '''It does have to be good'''.
==Review (Biomarker Committee)==
The following review process is not required but is strongly recommended.
* Authors/Editor of the Profile request pre-approval review once they feel work on the current stage has been completed
* Biomarker Committee assigns/recruits reviewers for Profile sections
** Ideally each section should be covered by more than one reviewer
** Reviewing assignments can be divided up any way that is convenient
** It doesn't hurt to have some reviewers read through the profile in its entirety (finds inconsistencies/gaps)
* Reviewers check the Profile meets the '''[[QIBA Profile Stages|criteria for the stage]]''' as well as general clarity/quality
** A two week window for the reviewers to do their work is suggested
* Resolve any questions/comments/clarifications raised by the reviewers
==Approve (Biomarker Committee)==
* The Secretariat circulates a [[Balloting Process|Ballot]] asking Biomarker Committee members to approve that the content of the Profile meets the '''[[QIBA Profile Stages|criteria for the stage]]'''
* Generally the ballot period should be several weeks to allow time to review the full Profile text
* In the case of approving to publish for Public Comment, it is acceptable to instead hold a vote during a committee meeting.
==Approve (Modality Coordinating Committee)==
* A [[Voting Privileges|Vote]] in committee (for Public Comment) or [[Balloting Process|Ballot]] (for Consensus, Technically Confirmed, Claim Confirmed or Clinically Confirmed) to approve the document as fit for the next phase.

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