Standardized Uptake Value (SUV)

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QIBA FDG-PET/CT Standardized Uptake Value (SUV) Technical Subcommittee Charge

The objective of this subcommittee is to build a common reference DICOM test image that can be generated by each scanner and read on PET DICOM display stations to check information fidelity (i.e. next step beyond DICOM conformance statement)


  • Collected DICOM PET/CT images of the same reference phantom from scanners from GE, Philips, Siemens
  • Image data collated and compared to DICOM header information

Working Documents

Letter to vendors requesting detailed SUV computation description

Vendor responses on SUV computation

Vendor supplied information

Subcommittee Call Summaries

SUV Subcommittee Members

  • Paul Kinahan, PhD, Subcommittee Co-chair <>
  • David Clunie, MBBS, Subcommittee Co-chair <>
  • Ronald Boellaard, PhD <>
  • Michael Casey, PhD <>
  • Paul E. Christian <>
  • Patricia E. Cole, PhD, MD <>
  • Simon DeBruin, MSEE <>
  • John M. Hoffman, MD <>
  • Steve Kohlmyer <>
  • Piotr Maniawski <>
  • Dennis Nelson, PhD <>
  • Eric S. Perlman, MD <>
  • Ling X. Shao, PhD, <>
  • John G. Wolodzko, PhD <>
  • Jeffrey Yap, PhD <>
  • Brian Zimmerman, PhD <>