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QIBA FDG-PET/CT Software Version Tracking Technical Subcommittee Charge

  • The objective of the subcommittee is to track the traceability of SW version of a PET/CT system to ensure the consistency of quantitative output throughout the trial
  • Rationale: Due to the continuous improvements of current PET/CT systems, vendors will upgrade software in different part of sub-systems from time to time for the same system. Some of upgrades will include quantitation improvements.
  • Essential SW to be tracked: Three major SW in the quantitative imaging chain should be tracked: Acquisition (include detector), Reconstruction (may be combined with acquisition) and Quantitation Tool*
  • Approach:
  • Current: Manual Tracking (available now);
  • 5-8 Years: Fully DICOM Tracking (New DICOM attributes needed);
  • 8 Years and Beyond: One-button SW Tracking Function (Industry guideline - vendors to do it)
  • Note: * Some sites use third party Display/Quantitative Tools, which further complicate the tracking

1. Current: Manual Tracking

  • Status: Currently, every vendor should have the ability of obtaining the version info for each software program/application installed.

Action: Send out a survey to vendors for instructions to check the SW version (Acquisition, Reconstruction, Quantitative Tool. Some vendors provide multiple reconstruction methods)

2. Fully DICOM Tracking (5-8 Years)

  • Status: Currently only the attribute for acquisition SW version may exist
  • Action: Work with other committees to define a global recommended list of DICOM attributes needed for quantitation purpose
  • Working with DICOM committee to define the timeline for implementing the list

3. One-button SW Tracking Function (8 Years and Beyond)

  • Status: Currently, vendors provide tools to view all/most DICOM Info, but, most info which impact quantitation are missing (No DICOM Attributes): The goal is for vendors to provide a one-button function in the quantitative tool to display all quantitative related info.


  • 1.Define what are the quantitative info to be recorded (DICOM)
  • 2.Develop guidelines (working with NEMA ?)
  • 3.Compliance Steps

Subcommittee Members

  • Ling X. Shao, PhD, Subcommittee Chair <>
  • Michael E. Casey, PhD, <>
  • Steve Kohlmyer <>

Working Documents

Subcommittee Call Summaries