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==Profile Development==
==Profile Development==
*[[Media:001.QIBA SPECT Profile.v0.1 2016.10.28.docx | QIBA Profile: Quantifying Dopamine Transporters with 123 - Iodine Labeled Ioflupane in Neurodegenerative Disease Profile (v1.0), October 28, 2016]]
*[[Media:002.QIBA SPECT Profile Checklist Extract.2016 10 31.docx|QIBA Profile Checklist: SPECT Profile Conformance]]
*[[Media:001.QIBA_SPECT_Profile.v0.1_2016.05.10.docx | QIBA DRAFT Profile with tracked changes - {Dr. Miyaoka}]] ''May 10, 2016''
*[[Media:001.QIBA_SPECT_Profile.v0.1_2016.05.10.docx | QIBA DRAFT Profile with tracked changes - {Dr. Miyaoka}]] ''May 10, 2016''

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Co-chairs: Yuni Dewaraja, PhD; P. David Mozley, MD; John Seibyl, MD
Secretary: Julie Lisiecki
Roster: (Roster)

Project Snapshot

The SPECT Biomarker Committee seeks to develop a quantitative imaging profile for SPECT imaging.

Under consideration:

  • quantifying a small structure (like the basal ganglion in the DaTscan, thyroid)
  • quantifying organs, like the liver, for dosimetry as potential use cases

Established Task Forces currently working toward a first Profile titled: Quantifying Dopamine Transporters with 123-Iodine labeled Ioflupane in Neurodegenerative Disease

  • Image Acquisition and Image Processing for DaTscan – Dr. Dewaraja
  • Quantitative / Image Analysis – Drs. Miyaoka and Seibyl
  • Phantoms / DRO Group – Drs. Dickson and Zimmerman
  • Clinical / Literature Review – Dr. Seibyl

Meetings/Call Summaries

Literature Review (Profile 1.0)

Profile Development

Reference Materials