QIBA for Radiologists

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QIBA Mission: Improve the value and practicality of quantitative imaging biomarkers by reducing variability across devices, sites, patients, and time.

QIBA develops Profile documents that standardize methods for creating a specific biomarker with predictable performance (accuracy and reproducibility).

Radiologists benefit from QIBA by:

  • Having standardized protocols and QA procedures to follow for quantitative results in clinical practice and clinical trials
  • Acquiring imaging data according to QIBA Profiles enables the extraction of repeatable, comparable quantitative measurements
  • Facilitating improved patient care by means of reproducible quantitative analysis
  • Facilitating cross-comparison of data across sites that adhere to QIBA Profile acquisition parameters

Radiologists using QIBA are responsible for:

  • Implementing QIBA Profiles in their imaging departments
  • Supporting conformance to QIBA Profiles at their sites
  • Assessing conformance at their sites as described in the QIBA Profile checklist for radiologists
  • Communicating conformance to relevant stakeholders by providing QIBA Conformance Statements

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