QIBA Sustainability Implementation Committee (QSIC)

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Chair: Gudrun Zahlmann, PhD
RSNA Staff Support: Julie Lisiecki


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This is a closed group comprised of the following advisory committee members:

  • Gudrun Zahlmann, PhD (Chair)
  • Rick Avila, MS
  • Alexander Guimaraes, MD, PhD
  • Timothy J. Hall, PhD
  • Annette Schmid, PhD
  • Bram Stolk, PhD, MBA
  • Daniel C. Sullivan, MD
  • Richard L. Wahl, MD, FACR

Please visit the QIBA Profile Conformance page for more information: http://qibawiki.rsna.org/index.php/QIBA_Profile_Conformance

Historical Background - Formation of the Group

Reference Materials