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*[[Media: 2021-Feb-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, February 2021]]
*[[Media: 2021-Feb-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, February 2021]]
*[[Media: 2021-June-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, June 2021]]
*[[Media: 2021-June-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, June 2021]]
*[[Media: 2021-Oct-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, October 2021]]
*[[Media: 2021-Oct-QN-2.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, October 2021]]

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Please note: QIBA Newsletter issues can be found below, along with archived issues.

QIBA would like to acknowledge that all volunteers are vital to the efforts of QIBA, though we would like to recognize those who have made significant contributions in the past year, and these contributors are as follows for 2021. Congratulations, and thank you to our 2021 Certificate of Appreciation Awardees!

Picture-1 2021.PNG
Picture-2 2021.PNG
Picture-3 2021.PNG
COA roster 2021-2.JPG

QIBA Award Recipients

QIBA Campaign 2021

Introduction to QIBA Campaign 2021

Thanks to the dedication and efforts from all who participate in QIBA, we have made great progress in recent years. QIBA Profiles have been drafted and revised, tested, implemented, and publicized. The Accomplishments section in the QIBA Campaign 2021 document conveys summary observations and statistics from that activity.

To continue this impressive momentum, the QIBA Steering Committee developed a set of goals to assist QIBA Biomarker Committees in maintaining focus on the tasks most likely to increase the positive impact that QIBA Profiles can have on clinical research and practice. To reiterate, we believe those essential activities involve concentrating on Profile content, implementation, and communication.

The recommended goals, referred to as QIBA Campaign 2021, are listed in the QIBA Campaign 2021 document following the Accomplishments section. We are very grateful for the QIBA community’s continued commitment and diligence in reducing the variability associated with health care delivery.

*QIBA Campaign 2021

QIBA Newsletter

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Welcome to the QIBA Newsletter, an e-newsletter dedicated to providing news and information from the Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance (QIBA), formed by RSNA in 2007 to unite researchers, healthcare professionals, and industry stakeholders in the advancement of quantitative imaging and the use of biomarkers in clinical trials and practice. The QIBA Newsletter offers articles, web links and tools, as well as updates from technical committees and information about how you can participate in QIBA activities.




QIBA Newsletter Archive

QIBA Quarterly Biomarker Committee Updates