Public Comment Process

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Public Comment is intended to allow both regular participants in QIBA Activities and also those who don't have the time to dedicate to regular participation a chance to contribute their thoughts on proposed specifications before they are formally released. Comments are accepted from all.

Public comment should be considered the prelude to publication. A committee should be largely satisfied with the contents of a document before it is sent out for Public Comment.

Note in the description below that the "secretariat" is understood to be the RSNA. Specific tasks may be assigned to staff and/or contractors of RSNA in performance of the function.

Period: 30 days

  • Approve for public comment (Technical Committee)
  • Post PC draft of Document on the Wiki (editor/secretariat)
  • Send announcement to mailing lists (secretariat)
    • detail location of document to be reviewed, deadline for comment submission, method of submission
    • provide a link to the QIBA Public Comment Template
  • Email comments to secretariat (Commenters)
    • commenters include committee members, other QIBA people, external bodies
    • this is the key point for asynchronous engagement
    • please use the provided comment form, it saves the editor having to transcribe your comments
  • Collate all comments into a spreadsheet (secretariat/editor)
    • sort by line number and priority (Low/Med/High)
  • Resolve comments with priority Low (editor)
    • if any Low comments prove problematic, elevate to Med
  • Review Med & High comments (Technical Committee)
    • walk through document
    • each comment may be:
      • accepted = proposed text accepted as is
      • rejected = committee does not agree with issue (document reason, e.g. out of scope, )
      • resolved = issue accepted but resolved differently than proposed
  • Record resolution in spreadsheet (editor)
  • Post resolution spreadsheet and updated Document on the Wiki (editor/secretariat)