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'''[[Comment Resolutions]] for Past Public Comments''' will be posted.
'''[[Comment Resolutions]] for Past Public Comments''' will be posted.
Public Comment '''closed''' for the following Profiles (comment resolution is underway on the corresponding committee page):
*[[Media:QIBA_fMRI_Profile_1_PC-rev1.pdf| fMRI 2017-06-19]] (''Closed on December 31, 2017'')
*[[Media:QIBADWIProfilev1.45_20170427_v5_accepted_linenumbers.pdf| MR DWI 2017-04-27]] (''Closed on August 25, 2017'')
==Format for Citing Profiles==
==Format for Citing Profiles==

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Profiles published here have completed one of the QIBA Profile Stages of development and been approved by their Biomarker Committee.

Profiles may be of use at any Stage.

Stage 3: Technically Confirmed Profiles

Stage 2: Consensus Profiles

Stage 1: Public Comment Profiles

Submit comments using the online form: http://tinyurl.com/QIBA-Public-Comment-Form
(Note: each form accommodates 10 comments; submit additional forms as necessary)

  • There are currently no Profiles "open" for public comment at this time

Comment Resolutions for Past Public Comments will be posted.

Format for Citing Profiles

Cite QIBA Profile documents as:

Specific QIBA Biomarker Committee. Specific Profile Title, Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance. Version. Profile Stage. QIBA, Date. Available from: URL


QIBA SPECT Biomarker Committee. Quantifying Dopamine Transporters with 123Iodine Labeled Ioflupane in Neurodegenerative Diseases, Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance. Version 1.1. Profile Stage: Consensus. QIBA, June 30, 2017. Available from: http://qibawiki.rsna.org/index.php/Profiles

Statements of Endorsement

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