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Chairs: Kevin O'Donnell (Chair); Dan Sullivan, MD (Vice-chair)
Secretary: Susan Weinmann (RSNA Staff)
Roster: <link to roster of active attendees and who has voting privileges>


The Process Committee facilitates the QIBA Coordinating Committees and their profiling activities by defining processes and tools to promote consistent quality work product.

  • Develop common Templates & Processes
  • Support & mentor adoption of above
  • Drive consistent content & format of Profiles
  • Support infrastructure for Committees


Current Work

  • Complete Claim Guidance document
  • Nancy will review the current PPT and come up with descriptions of the terms Negligible, Known, Unknown, etc.
  • Nancy will start to turn the notes in the current document into proper text. Kevin will review. Questions/clarifications will be brought to cmte.
  • Adjust Profile Template (change tracked) to regroup time-muddled Activities
  • Add some "readers guide" text for reviewers, e.g. focus on Spec tables. Look at your relevant Activities/Procedures. Read the Discussion sections for more background.
  • Standardized disclaimer text for profiles? - Consult RSNA - need soon since starting to promote/distribute.
  • Reminders to committees to keep their page up to date (especially links to current draft documents)
  • Add as standing agenda item on the Coordinating Cmte call to check with their Biomarker Cmte chairs?
  • Process/best practices for initial literature search around a new biomarker/profile
  • Does someone have a draft set of guidance to kick this off? (Nancy, Anna Wu, Hendrik Lau, Andy)
  • Where do you store references, what kind of search works best, what exactly are you looking for?
  • Also meta-analysis guidance to determine sources and levels of variance
  • Joe's intro email, current template and stage docs, QIBA Fact Sheet
  • Could use a "fresh eyes"/newcomer commentary
  • Dan will send the current Fact Sheet to UCSF for feedback on contents
  • Kevin will work with Joe to get it into a Google Doc for revision and linking from the Wiki.
  • Support adoption of the updated Profile Template.
  • Document guidance for selecting leadership of various QIBA committees
  • Conformance Process
  • Kevin will put some initial thoughts on a Wiki page and we can review/add
  • Need a common view of what conformance entails, how it is achieved, what it looks like to a product, how it is documented, etc.
  • Then we need to ensure that the QIBA Templates/Process supports those things clearly.
  • Propose change tracking process
  • Sunset procedure for retiring Task Forces and Biomarker Committees that have completed their work.
  • Sketch up publication process for Official Docs (CC approval vote, send to RSNA Staff)
  • Write up Standard Approval Practices for committee documents
  • Quality check mechanism, voting mechanism
  • Start simple with this and add complexity only as needed.
  • Address relationship between wiki content (current, easy to update) and website content (authoritative, stable)
  • Likely RSNA staff will periodically mirror wiki content up onto the website; address this in publication process.
  • "How to develop a Profile" Guidance
  • Harmonize assessment procedures across profiles
  • Refine process for QIBA Conformance Statements
  • Should QIBA get into hosting the Conformance Statements on our site (and then we could link to them from the Profiles page which would be very handy)
  • Consider the RSNA Image Share Conformance Assessment Program and whether we should do something similar for QIBA
  • Process committee can think through the details of a process and confer with RSNA whether they would be interested
  • Propose conventions for Profile editions/versions
  • Methodology/Study Design guidance/requirements for achieving "Clinically Confirmed"
  • Propose policy/process to consider Prior Project completion when Steering Cmte reviews new Proposals from the same PI.
  • timing overlap of prior cycle completion period with new proposal period needs to be one considered.
  • possible solution would require final reports for prior COMPLETED funding cycles before considering a new project proposal
  • Guidelines for Reference Implementations and commercial products in Profiles (underlying algorithm available, list all comers, non-commercial?, etc).
  • Guidelines for assessment procedures to vet SW in Profiles
  • Clarity QIBA Profile vs UPICT Protocol (Venn Diagram)

Working Documents

Claim Guidance

Profile Stages

Wiki Layout

See Also

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