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==See Also==
==See Also==
* [[QIBA Concepts]]
* [[How to Write a Profile]]
* [[How to Write a Profile]]
* [[Profile Editions]]
* [[Profile Editions]]

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QIBA attempts to industrialize biomarkers by selecting biomarkers ready for industrialization, investigating underlying sources of variance and other practical impediments to their use, and drafting specification documents ("Profiles") to help vendors and healthcare providers overcome those impediments and sources of variance.

The details of how those steps are carried out is described here. The Process Coordinating Committee manages this content.

Procedures and Conventions

QIBA Profiling Process

QIBA Profile Stages


Drafting and Public Comment Stage

Consensus Stage (Publicly Reviewed)

Technical Confirmation Stage

Claim Confirmation Stage

Clinical Confirmation Stage

Profile Maintenance

Profile Retirement

Groundwork Projects and Funding

Groundwork and Profiling - a model for linking research, validation, standardization, product implementation and deployment.


See Also