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==Procedures and Conventions==
==Procedures and Conventions==
:* [[QIBA Profile Template]]
* [[QIBA Profile Template]]
:* [[Change Tracking]]
* [[Change Tracking]]
:* [[File Naming]]
* [[File Naming]]
:* QIBA Profile Template (2011)
::* An updated version of the template will be published in late 2012 based on revisions to address feedback from the first round of profile development.
::* [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkfpWndrzLS2dHg2UmlHd042QURhTndBY2I4RG1EdFE QIBA Profile Template Improvements 2012]
[[:Category:Templates|Wiki Page Templates]]  
[[:Category:Templates|Wiki Page Templates]]  

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QIBA is still evolving its processes but the following pages present current thoughts.

Much of this is adapted from DICOM and IHE processes.


  • Groundwork and Profiling - a model for linking research, validation, standardization, product implementation and deployment.

Procedures and Conventions

Wiki Page Templates

QIBA Profiling Stages

See Also