Pilot Conformance Projects Under Development

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QIBA Profile Conformance

QIBA Profiles that are at least at consensus level (link to wiki page on development of a Profile) are available to interested parties (clinical sites, CROs, equipment and/or software vendors) to demonstrate that all relevant actors of an institution or product conform to the respective QIBA Profile. There are two different ways to show QIBA Profile conformance:

  • Self – attestation
  • Certification service

The basic process flow is shown below:

Profile Conformance Image.jpg

Before starting conformance testing, please Email QIBA

QIBA Profiles that are available for self-attestation conformance testing:

CT: Lung Tumor Volume (Advanced Disease)

  • Report Template

FDG-PET: Solid Tumor SUV

MR: ADC-DW MR Lesions in Four Organs

QIBA Profiles that are available for QIBA or designee testing: