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==PET Amyloid Profile Development==
==PET Amyloid Profile Development==
*[[Media:QIBA_Amyloid PET_(5)_09Dec_nopix with section 4.4 and other edits.doc | QIBA PET-Amyloid DRAFT Profile with tracked changes {Dr. Perlman}]] ''March 28, 2016''
==Profile Supporting Material==
==Profile Supporting Material==

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Project Snapshot

There is a draft Profile, and current outline of the Claim is:

  • SUVr will be the measurand
  • The claim will have two components
1) Cross-sectional: single subject scan
2) Longitudinal: following subject over time

Due to the complexity of having multiple PET Amyloid tracers, a subgroup, the Test-retest Group, has been formed including academics and industry representatives from all of the major PET Amyloid tracer vendors. This group will evaluate the published data on amyloid imaging precision, to determine what level of precision can be claimed in the Profile. The committee’s goal is to have a final draft Profile by December, 2015.

Collaborations: RSNA QIBA is now an affiliate of GAAIN (Global Alzheimer’s Association International Network)

PET Amyloid Meetings/Call Summaries

PET Amyloid Profile Development

Profile Supporting Material

Working Documents

Reference Materials

Presentations and Reports: