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* [[Claim Guidance]]
* [[Claim Guidance]]
* [[Assessment Procedure Guidance]]
* [[Assessment Procedure Guidance]]
* [[Report_GroundTruthTaskForce_March2021]]
* [[Report_GroundTruthTaskForce_March2021 (slides)]]
==Current Work==
==Current Work==

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Chairs: Nancy Obuchowski (Co-Chair); Erich Huang (Co-chair)
RSNA Staff Support: Julie Lisiecki


The Metrology Committee supports QIBA Biomarker Committees by providing expertise in bio-statistics and metrology.

  • Develop guidance documents
  • Respond to committee questions

The Metrology Committee is currently operating as the Multi-parametric Metrology Task Force under the QIBA Steering Committee.

Meetings/Call Summaries

Biweekly Tcons (Contact Julie for details)

Approved call summaries:

As of March 1, 2021, calls for the Multi-parametric Metrology Task Force will be recorded via WebEx, and notes may be provided by the meeting moderators for each particular call.

Metrology Committee Call Summaries Archive

Working Documents

Current Work

  • Multi-parametric biomarkers

Overview Slides

1-QIBA Metrology Papers.jpg

2-Multiparametric QIBs.jpg

3-the Multiparametric Case.jpg