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'''Approved call summaries:'''
'''Approved call summaries:'''
*[[Media:2021_04-27_QIBA_MSK_BC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf|April 27, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_09-28_QIBA_MSK_BC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf|September 28, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_03-23_QIBA_MSK_BC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf|March 23, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_08-24_QIBA_MSK_BC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf|August 24, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_02-23_QIBA_MSK_BC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf|February 23, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_07-27_QIBA_MSK_BC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf|July 27, 2021]]
'''''[[MSK Biomarker Committee Call Summaries Archive]]'''''
'''''[[MSK Biomarker Committee Call Summaries Archive]]'''''

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Co-chairs: Xiaojuan Li, PhD; Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD
RSNA Staff Support: Susan Stanfa

The MSK Biomarker Committee seeks to develop a quantitative Profile for MSK.


Approved call summaries:

MSK Biomarker Committee Call Summaries Archive

Working Documents

  • QIBA MSK Profile 2020-01-28: MR-based cartilage compositional biomarkers (T1ρ, T2) for risk prediction, early diagnosis and monitoring of treatment of degenerative joint disease

Statistical Reference Documents

Workflow Documents

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