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==Profiling Activities==
==Profiling Activities==
* [[Media:Profile_V0_2_Asthma_COPD_03192011.doc|COPD QIBA Profile v0.2]]
* [[Media:Profile_V0_3_LungDensity_070111.doc|Lung Density QIBA Profile 7/1/11 v0.3]]
* [[Media:Profile_V0_2_LungDensity_052411.doc|Lung Density QIBA Profile 5/24/11 v0.2]]
* [[Media:Profile_V0_2_Asthma_COPD_03192011.doc|COPD QIBA Profile 3/19/11 v0.2]]
* [[Media:Protocol_V0_2_Asthma_COPD_03192011.doc|COPD UPICT Protocol v0.2]]
* [[Media:Protocol_V0_2_Asthma_COPD_03192011.doc|COPD UPICT Protocol v0.2]]

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This Wiki is for collaborative creation of QIBA's Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Asthma Committee materials and ongoing activities.

Mission: Reduce and characterize bias and variance across manufacturers, versions, and sites in support of quantitative CT lung densitometry and morphology.

Initial Objectives:

  • Characterize the precision and accuracy of phenotyping and progression measurements in emphysema and asthma.
This is an essential effort to classify phenotype and assess longitudinal changes as medically meaningful surrogates for health status.
  • Compare the sensitivity of CT measurements to spirometry and other accepted measures.
This will be necessary in order to determine if Progressive Disease can be detected significantly sooner with quantitative imaging techniques than with currently accepted methods.

Profiling Activities

Protocol Development Activities

Groundwork Activities

Validate key concepts and answer key questions needed to write the Profiles and demonstrate their effectiveness.

  • Phantom project

Meetings / Call Summaries

Working Documents

Reference Documents