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*[[Media: 2020-Oct-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, October 2020]]
*[[Media: 2020-Oct-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, October 2020]]
*[[Media: 2019-Feb-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, February 2019]]
*[[Media: 2019-May-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, May 2019]]
*[[Media: 2019-Sept-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, October 2019]]
*[[Media: 2018-Jan-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, January 2018]]
*[[Media: 2018-May-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, May 2018]]
*[[Media: 2018-Oct-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, October 2018]]
*[[Media: 2017-Jan-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, January 2017]]
*[[Media: 2017-April-QN.pdf| QIBA Newsletter, April 2017]]
''No issue was produced for October 2017''
'''''[[QIBA Newsletter Archive]]'''''
'''''[[QIBA Newsletter Archive]]'''''

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QIBA Newsletter

QIBA mastheader.jpg
Welcome to the QIBA Newsletter, an e-newsletter dedicated to providing news and information from the Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance (QIBA), formed by RSNA in 2007 to unite researchers, healthcare professionals, and industry stakeholders in the advancement of quantitative imaging and the use of biomarkers in clinical trials and practice. The QIBA Newsletter offers articles, web links and tools, as well as updates from technical committees and information about how you can participate in QIBA activities.


QIBA Newsletter Archive

QIBA in the Literature Citations

RSNA staff maintains a QIBA citation library in EndNote. Scientific journals featuring QIBA projects or articles that may reference QIBA and its efforts are included.

Articles are divided into three categories:

  • Generated by QIBA research teams
  • References QIBA
  • Metrology Publications

Those interested in gaining access to the collections should email QIBA.


Cancer Moonshot.jpg

Cancer Moonshot & QIBA [1]

  • RSNA/QIBA is very pleased to announce that two of the QIBA Profiles relevant to cancer patients have been referenced and supported by the Federal Cancer Moonshot Initiative (https://medium.com/cancer-moonshot) as ways to advance research and outcomes.
  • The FDG-PET/CT and CT Volumetry Profiles have been submitted as the most advanced Profiles to-date. Our sincerest appreciation to all of the QIBA participants who helped us arrive at this important milestone.

Imaging-related Conferences and Meetings

Biomarker Status Update Posters

QIBA Special Interest Sessions at the RSNA Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting







Google Chrome or Firefox browsers are recommended for viewing these PowerPoint presentations.





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