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:Co-chairs: Michael Boss, PhD; Dariya Malyarenko, PhD
:Co-chairs: Michael Boss, PhD; Dariya Malyarenko, PhD
:RSNA Staff Support: Susan Stanfa
:RSNA Staff Support: Susan Stanfa
* [http://tinyurl.com/QIBA-DWI-MR-Roster Roster]
* [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSIoAbG7elaGhDByZR86qGaMauqwMNEFjvIX3goqalFNj0yV9PYHiVIj8DQbDPBX9MxXOyrXaQmR4ES/pubhtml?gid=1048658726&single=true Roster]

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Co-chairs: Michael Boss, PhD; Dariya Malyarenko, PhD
RSNA Staff Support: Susan Stanfa

Project Snapshot

Develop a quantitative imaging profile for Diffusion Weighted Imaging MR.

DWI MR Meetings

Recent Approved call summaries:
Note: Call summaries are posted after they are approved by the DWI-MR BC during the following monthly t-con

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Profile Development

DWI Profile Development Archive

ADC Phantom Materials

QIBA ADC Phantom Preparation Instructions 03-March-2017

QIBA-IMI ADC Phantom Design Update 07-August-2013

ADC Phantom Design- Feedback Request 14-March-2013

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