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'''Recently Approved Call Summaries'''
'''Recently Approved Call Summaries'''
*[[Media:2021_07-12_QIBA_DCE-MRI_BC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf|July 12, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_09-27_QIBA_DCE-MRI_BC_Call_Summary-FINAL-2.pdf|September 27, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_06-14_QIBA_DCE-MRI_BC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf|June 14, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_09-13_QIBA_DCE-MRI_BC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf|September 13, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_05-10_QIBA_DCE-MRI_BC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf|May 10, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_08-16_QIBA_DCE-MRI_BC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf|August 16, 2021]]
'''''[[DCE-MRI BC Call Summaries Archive]]'''''
'''''[[DCE-MRI BC Call Summaries Archive]]'''''

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Co-chairs: Caroline Chung, MD; Hendrik Laue, PhD
RSNA Staff Support: Susan Stanfa

Project Snapshot

Develop a quantitative imaging profile for Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI.

DCE MRI Meetings

Biweekly Zomm meetings, 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month @ 11am-12pm Central Time (Contact qiba@rsna.org for details)

Recently Approved Call Summaries

DCE-MRI BC Call Summaries Archive

Profile Development

Reference Materials

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Historical Background - Formation of the Group