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'''Approved call summaries:'''
'''Approved call summaries:'''
*[[Media:2021_02_26_QCC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf | February 26, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_02_26_QCC_Call_Summary-FINAL-AMS.pdf | February 26, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_01_29_QCC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf | January 29, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_01_29_QCC_Call_Summary-FINAL.pdf | January 29, 2021]]

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Chairs: Anne M. Smith, PhD; Majid Chalian, MD
RSNA Staff Support: Julie Lisiecki

Communications Committee Mission Statement

QIBA Communications will educate and publicize the impact of image quantification on therapeutic and drug clinical trials and patient disease staging and follow-up.

  • Oversee educational component


The Communications Committee supports QIBA Biomarker Committees by providing visibility to QIBA efforts.

QIBA Community

A QIBA Community has been set up via the Higher Logic platform on RSNA web pages to encourage continuing dialogue among QIBA members and across modalities. Instructions are available here:

Meetings/Call Summaries

Monthly Tcons (Contact Julie for details)

Approved call summaries:

Working Documents

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