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| [[Ultrasound Volume Blood Flow tech ctte|Ultrasound Volume Blood Flow Technical Committee]]
| [[AIUM/QIBA Ultrasound Volume Blood Flow Biomarker Ctte|Ultrasound Volume Blood Flow Technical Committee]]
| J. Brian Fowlkes, PhD; Oliver D. Kripfgans, PhD
| J. Brian Fowlkes, PhD; Oliver D. Kripfgans, PhD

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QIBA Committee Structure Description

  • Airway Measurement TF
  • DW-MR TF
  • MRE TF
  • Other TFs (DTI, DSC, Fat Fraction)
  • Profile Compliance TF
  • QIBA/fNIH FDA Biomarker Qualification Partnership
  • System Dependencies/Phantom Testing TF
  • Clinical Applications TF
  • System Dependencies/Phantom Testing/Clinical Validation

Committee Co-chairs
QIBA Steering Committee Daniel C. Sullivan, MD (QIBA Chair); Edward F. Jackson, PhD (QIBA Vice-Chair)
PDF-MRI Technical Committee Marko Ivancevic, PhD; Edward F. Jackson, PhD; Gudrun Zahlmann, PhD
fMRI Technical Committee Edgar (Ted) DeYoe, PhD; Cathy Elsinger, PhD; Jeffrey Petrella, MD
FDG-PET Technical Committee Paul E. Kinahan, PhD; Ling X. Shao, PhD; Richard L. Wahl, MD
CT Volumetry Technical Committee Samuel G. Armato III, PhD; Gregory V. Goldmacher, MD, PhD; Lawrence H. Schwartz, MD
COPD-Asthma Technical Committee Philip F. Judy, PhD
Ultrasound SWS Technical Committee Brian Garra, MD; Tim J. Hall, PhD; Andrzej (Andy) Milkowski, MS
Ultrasound Volume Blood Flow Technical Committee J. Brian Fowlkes, PhD; Oliver D. Kripfgans, PhD

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