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Ad Hoc Committee on Open Image Archives

Stemming from the November 2009 Imaging Biomarker Roundtable, the Ad Hoc Committee on Open Image Archives was established in order to examine existing image sharing and archival standards and database formats. Committee efforts will focus on identifying why prior activities have been successful or have experienced obstacles. The committee is co-chaired by Dr. Gudrun Zahlmann (Roche) and Mr. Rick Avila (Kitware).

Working Documents

There have been three main activities performed by the OIA Committee. The following sections describe each and provides the latest working documents.

Committee Goals Document

The OIA committee prepared a document that describes the purpose and goals of the committee. The final document is v1.0 dated April 21, 2010:

Example Use Cases Document

A document describing example "use cases" for open image archives was developed to help guide the creation of OIA recommendations. The final document is v1.0 dated November 17, 2010:

OIA Key Characteristics Document

The committee has explored and documented key characteristics of Open Image Archives. This provides information to Open Image Archive maintainers/developers as well as helps us formulate recommendations that will improve the number, size, and quality of Open Image Archives. The final powerpoint document containing the committee's thinking is v6.0 dated May, 18, 2011:

OIA Recommendations Manuscript

The key output of this OIA Committee is to produce a manuscript that describes the committee's recommendations. A first draft of this manuscript will be posted here in the month of August, 2011.

OpenImageArchives v11 09 12 12.doc

Reference Materials

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