CT Small Lung Nodule Biomarker Ctte

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Co-chairs: Samuel G. Armato, III, PhD; David Gierada, MD; James L. Mulshine, MD

Secretary: Julie Lisiecki


Recent Call Summaries:

Profile Development

Small Lung Nodule Assessment in CT Screening Profile

Small Lung Nodule Profile Conformance Procedures
Status - Final Review in progress
Supporting documents:

Status - Public Comment complete


Reference Materials

  • Henschke CI, Yankelevitz DF, Yip R, Archer V, Zahlmann G, Krishnan K, Helba B, Avila R, Tumor volume measurement error using computed tomography imaging in a phase II clinical trial in lung cancer. J Med Imaging (Bellingham). 2016 Jul;3(3):035505. Journal of Medical Imaging

Conformance Materials

The QIBA Small Lung Nodule Profile refers to several online resources to achieve conformance. Links to these resources can be found here.

Clinical Site Conformance

Link To QIBA Verified Conformant CT Scanners and Protocols Link to QIBA Verified Conformant Nodule Analysis Software

Phantom Data Upload Site

Link to QIBA Data Upload Site For Clinical Sites

CT Scanner Vendor Conformance

Phantom Data Upload Site

Link to QIBA Data Upload Site For CT Scanner Vendors

Software Analysis Vendor Conformance

Phantom Nodule Dataset

Link to QIDW QIBACTSLN-PhantomNoduleDatasetV1 Link to QIBACTSLN-PhantomNoduleDatasetLocationsV1.xls Link to QIBACTSLN-PhantomNoduleDatasetMeasureReportingFileV1.xls

Clinical Nodule Dataset

Link to QIDW QIBACTSLN-ClinicalNoduleDatasetV1 Link to QIBACTSLN-ClinicalNoduleDatasetLocationsV1.xls Link to QIBACTSLN-ClinicalNoduleDatasetMeasureReportingFileV1.xls

Reporting Data Upload Site

Link to QIBA Data Upload Site For Software Analysis Vendors