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'''Recent Call Summaries:'''
'''Recent Call Summaries:'''
*[[Media:2021_04-29_QIBA_CT_SLN_BC-FINAL.pdf | April 29, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_04-29_QIBA_CT_SLN_BC-FINAL-2.pdf | April 29, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_03-23_QIBA_CT_SLN_BC-FINAL.pdf | March 23, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_03-23_QIBA_CT_SLN_BC-FINAL.pdf | March 23, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_02-25_QIBA_CT_SLN_BC-FINAL.pdf | February 25, 2021]]
*[[Media:2021_02-25_QIBA_CT_SLN_BC-FINAL.pdf | February 25, 2021]]

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Co-chairs: Samuel G. Armato, III, PhD; David Gierada, MD; James L. Mulshine, MD

RSNA Staff Support: Julie Lisiecki


Recent Call Summaries:

Small Lung Nodule BC Call Summaries Archive

Profile Development

Small Lung Nodule Assessment in CT Screening Profile

Small Lung Nodule Profile
Status - Final Review in progress
Supporting documents:

Status - Public Comment complete


Reference Materials

Conformance Materials

The QIBA CT Small Lung Nodule Profile refers to several online resources that are needed to achieve conformance. Links to these resources can be found here.

Clinical Site Conformance

Verified Vendor Systems
  • QIBA Verified Conformant CT Scanners: All FDA approved CT scanners with >= 16 detector rows are eligible for conformance testing and may be used at this time. In the future a verified list of scanners will be provided here.
  • QIBA Verified Conformant Nodule Analysis Software: All FDA approved Nodule Analysis Software are eligible for conformance testing and may be used at this time. In the future a verified list of nodule analysis software will be provided here.
Phantom Data Upload Sites
Small Lung Nodule Online Calculator

CT Scanner Vendor Conformance

CT Scanner Conformance Certification Site

Software Analysis Vendor Conformance

CT Analysis Vendor Conformance Certification Site

Phantom Nodule Dataset
  • Example Phantom Nodule Dataset V1
  • Link to QIBACTSLN-PhantomNoduleDatasetLocationsV1.xls under construction:
  • Link to QIBACTSLN-PhantomNoduleDatasetMeasureReportingFileV1.xls under construction:
Clinical Nodule Dataset
  • Example Clinical Nodule Dataset V1
  • Link to QIBACTSLN-ClinicalNoduleDatasetLocationsV1.xls under construction:
  • Link to QIBACTSLN-ClinicalNoduleDatasetMeasureReportingFileV1.xls under construction: