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==Profile Development==
==Profile Development==
*[[Media:QIBA_Atherosclerosis Biomarkers Profile 2018-08-15.docx | QIBA Atherosclerosis Biomarkers Profile 2018-08-15]]
==Groundwork Projects==
==Groundwork Projects==

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Co-chairs: Andrew Buckler, MS; Luca Saba, MD; Uwe Joseph Schoepf, MD, FAHA, FSCBT-MR, FNASCI, FSCCT Secretary: Julie Lisiecki


Recent Call Summaries:

Project Snapshot - CT Angiography

The group intends to pursue writing quantitative profiles for both Coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) and CT angiography (CTA).

Excerpt from the biomarker committee submission form:

The proposed QIBA Atherosclerosis Biomarkers Committee (ABC) will be composed of members from multiple centers of excellence within North America and Europe utilizing different CTA vendors, acquisitions and scanner types, and analysis software vendors. Furthermore, stakeholders from different manufacturers will be included in the committee, who are interested in working closely with the committee in optimizing imaging biomarkers for scientific trials and clinical routine use. The Biomarker Committee will develop technical performance standards to serve as atherosclerosis compositional biomarkers. Moreover, we will involve stakeholders from different societies, in addition to the RSNA, for example ASNR, SCCT, ACR, etc.

Profile Development

Groundwork Projects

Reference Materials

Conformance Materials