AIUM/QIBA Ultrasound Volume Blood Flow Biomarker Ctte

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Project Snapshot

The AIUM/QIBA Ultrasound Volume Blood Flow Biomarker Committee seeks to develop a quantitative imaging profile for Volume Blood Flow imaging. This effort is supported by AIUM, using the QIBA Process for Profile development.

Under consideration:

Meetings/Call Summaries

Working Documents

Statistical Reference Documents

Workflow Documents

Reference Materials

Original Proposal to the QIBA Steering Committee File:VolFlowUS QIBA BiomarkerProposal.pdf

General Vendor Announcement File:GeneralVendorAnnouncement.pdf

Kidney transplant paper showing geometries (Gao 2009) File:TransplantRAS-JG2009.pdf

Accuracy of Volumetric Flow Rate Measurements - An In Vitro Study Using Modern Ultrasound Scanners (Hoyt 2009) File:Hoyt JUM 2009.pdf