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==Historical Background - Formation of the Group==
==Historical Background - Formation of the Group==
*A joint QIBA / AIUM Ultrasound Meeting was held at the recent AIUM 2015 Annual Convention on Tuesday, March 24th  between 10:30 - 12:45 pm ET to discuss selection of a new biomarker effort for Ultrasound. 
*The group discussed proposals for selection of a quantitative imaging technology and clinical target to recommend for a joint QIBA/AIUM effort to develop a quantitative ultrasound imaging biomarker profile.
*Below are meeting minutes and supporting presentations from this meeting for reference:
==Reference Materials==
==Reference Materials==

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Co-chairs: Anthony Samir, MD, MPH; Miguel Rosado Mendez, PhD; Michael Wang, PhD
AIUM Staff Support: Therese Cooper, BS, RDMS (AIUM)

Project Snapshot

Develop a quantitative imaging profile for Pulse-Echo Quantitative Ultrasound (PEQUS).

This effort is supported by AIUM, using the QIBA Process for Profile development.


Profile Development

Historical Background - Formation of the Group

Reference Materials